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tv   Headline News  RT  January 21, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EST

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protesters launched their own southern ocean recount group called so after two nights of violent protests leave the center of ukraine's capital devastated and many of those guarding it and hospital. is a position decided will attend peace talks after the u.n. retracted an invitation to run just a day before the geneva summit starts a move moscow has called a mistake. gaza town to give peace talks to focus on the terrorism plaguing syria and we have reports of al qaeda training camps across the country.
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hello and welcome to our team to national twenty four hour news live from moscow my name is you national power thanks for joining us. roger cooperation supporters in the ukrainian capital continue their assault on police barricades for a second night of anti-government protests they want to force country's entire leadership out the rioters say they're not leaving and warns that a recently published new rules aimed at preventing them from holding rallies will only use the violence the legislation was announced last week and quickly passed as the crisis escalated. for us. tension is far from dying down in ukrainian capital kiev with the standoff still continuing at the governmental quarter of the righteous and the police are still exchanging malls of cocktails and flash bangs several hundred people are injured in hospitals including
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more than one hundred policemen which is something unprecedented also in the night we saw something peculiar case of vigilantism in the streets of kiev with with a civilian groups basically organizing something like a safari on what they described as government provoke it says catching them bringing them to the streets of kiev urging them to apologize for supporting the government and for acting on behalf of the government where i went to the government record and here's my report from there was a two way shoot in kiev has been very tense all throughout the night there was an attempt by the police to post a protest off they were sceptical street the governmental of quarter it was done pretty much on violently there were no scuffles they were just pushing the protesters off the first thing they did they destroyed the cats the pools and medieval weapon which the protesters had early a built to hurl cocktails at rocks at the police lines they destroyed just got up with a matter of seconds basically after that some reinforcement of the protesters came
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from the independence square and charged at the police so the police actually took a few steps back and right now only a few dozen meters separates the police and the protest as we can see a water cannon standing right in the middle of the police lines there was information coming from a local media that the police actually warned that they may use weapons against protesters if they continue their violent behavior indeed we have seen and we see get all the time that loads of cocktails are being thrown at the police the fire crackers the smoke bombs are being exploded from time to time it is still definitely a hotbed of tension also there out. numerous reports that identified men and sports because troops are organizing scuffles all across the gradient gabacho still unclear what the purpose of that is but it certainly grades a very worrying feeling here so the situation is still very tense and it's really
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unclear where it's going to go we do know that the president of garbage has been calling for. a negotiation with the opposition leaders some talk has already been held though we understand it was held behind closed doors and no information has come out but definitely as to this moment that has been no political solution to this crisis as we can see. the protests spiraled out of control over the weekend most of those injured were a policeman diagnosed with head injuries stun wounds and poisoning but the u.s. and the he justifies the unrest by saying it was provoked by the ukrainian authorities so historian and ukraine affairs analyst in the point says at this point there's nothing the government could do to satisfy the west. ask yourself would do any western government confronted with the exact same problem or even something a lot milder how would they respond i think that the default response from the west
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is that the ukrainian government can do no right so whatever they do they're going to be condemned for it so they may as well i figure and i'm guessing that from their behavior they're figuring it as well they may as well do everything they can in their power to secure the rule of law to suppress the violent protesters and to make sure that this does not boiling over into civil war i think a modicum of force is appropriate when you're facing violent protesters you have to send a message that this will not be tolerated you have to send a message if you stand firm in the law breakers will not be allowed to run rampant and i think. it will restraint especially again compared to what western law enforcement would routinely do in such circumstances. the riots in kyoto have highlighted a rise in nationalist movements and extremism and a voice of russia's political analysts miter bobbish believes opposition leaders are trying to cover up that radical side. when you reach war and other so-called
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moderate nationalists leaders although they're not moderate by group instruments first they fail to sort of condemn these actions of no not just be fair to separate themselves from the neo nazis. at some time but i think you can deny that you know not just where you will be said these but old for the purest form going to court you know which was a voice of light which you know that this is serious i mean i can give a full rich boon for his own process and for all meld of course feels like his own police so these people were rescued from the very beginning and it's a shame for the western press more to not just don't know not to have noticed them in two thousand and four and five and to feel all these lies to the western public of all to see which society and the balkanized ukrainian people there are you know these are not evil you don't know enough. and i made the tension in the ukrainian capital aussie international will keep you up to date with events throughout the day and also you can log on to cold for live updates from kenya.
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less than twenty four hours before the peace talks on syria begin in switzerland he continues to make a big challenges ahead. russia's concerned that international efforts to find a solution to the super in crisis could be undermined by the absence of iran one of the region's key player is foreign minister said revoking iran's invitation to the talks is a mistake the un made the decision and ultimatum from syria's main western banks opposition group. now reports. at invitation a was a withdrawal by the united nations amid intense pressure from the united states and other allies of the u.s. although the much anticipated syria peace conference is still expected to take
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place that has been overshadowed by there's no rather bizarre diplomatic ping-pong that's essentially unfolded since that invitation was issues now how did all of this play out on sunday by the u.n. secretary general basically announced that he is inviting iran to participate in a conference scheduled to take place in switzerland to come to a diplomatic solution over the syrian crisis she said that iran needs to be a part of the solution it's a key regional player now that decision sparked a confrontation with the united states the united kingdom and france but also angered the syrian opposition and saudi arabia which has been largely seen as a backer of the syrian insurgency they've threatened to boycott their protests a patient in the talks effectively undermining the whole deal the syrian national coalition hours after bonking was announcement issued an ultimatum saying we don't invite iran or have iran stick to certain agreements and we saw bond ki-moon reversing course essentially now the russian foreign minister said that the
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behavior by the syrian opposition group here raises questions about the group's willingness to really stick to commit to a peaceful solution take a listen. revoking the invitation is a mistake of course but not a disaster we believe that all sides that have influence on the conflict should be present the syrian national coalition is trying to impose its own interpretation of the existing geneva communiqué that's where the old sweet to me is rooted this is a situation the united nations and several other countries including russia for instance have long argued that iran is a critical player in the syrian conflict and that any serious attempt to really genuinely end the war has to bring all sides of the table and that includes tehran . jonathan steele has a whole of nest on international affairs for britain's guardian newspaper believes the geneva talks such as the first step of a long negotiation process that must involve ron paul the countries that are
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involved closely in the syrian situation. are providing arms or giving support to one of the political sides need to be there if there's going to be a gradual demilitarization imposition of local cease fires and some genuine political talks to compromise all the surrounding countries need to be very and it's absurd to cut one of them everybody is saying that this should be a process this is just the first person so one hopes that they will agree to meet again and such a date fairly soon and that in the meantime iran will be brought back into the discussion because you know if you're trying to deal with a war that obviously people are very ferociously opposed to each other but you've got to get them talking just to say well somebody is on one side and therefore can't take part makes no sense a tool in terms of international diplomacy in peacekeeping. the threat of terrorism in syria especially posed by al qaida to be the main focus of talks in geneva john
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is groups operating in the country are targeting the government and their fellow rebels fierce clashes have left more than a thousand opposition fighters dead since the start of the year and more in our partner i reports somebody washington's previous indiscriminate support for the rebels is partly responsible here. when the enemy of your enemy is your enemy things can get complicated it's a conundrum the us faces in syria where political financial and military support to the rebels has subsequently served to create a new hotbed for al-qaeda if bush are as did not. stay in power or if he's weakened then syria could become that base another base like pakistan and afghanistan before it. uses a springboard to go into these other but oh experts say an influx of extremist groups has turned the war torn country into a terrorist training center posing
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a greater threat to american interests than the leader washington wants removed these groups are much more dangerous and we have hands of thousands of international fighters coming in in a very fundamentalist a possible we've almost come full circle after afghanistan and nine eleven where where we are seeing these groups still fighting for fundamentalists. principles what began as an anti-government uprising three years ago has turned into an internal fight between opposition blocs the free syrian army set up to battle assad has more and more found that its hands are full just defending themselves against jihadists who are seeking a foothold in the country this leaving u.s. officials acknowledging a loss of control over the war it initially supported. we too are deeply concerned about the rise of extremism. the world needs no reminder that syria has
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become the magnet for jihadists and extremists it is the strongest magnet for terror of anyplace today and as world powers star gathering in geneva to map out a peace plan for syria they are being asked to pull the plug on terrorism. which should produce clear results with regard to the fight against terrorism in syria in particular it needs to put pressure on countries that are exporting terrorism by sending terrorists money and weapons to terrorist organizations especially saudi arabia and turkey and of course the western countries that provide its. organizations no one ever imagined america would in any way support. r.t. new york. meanwhile violence calls buying terror groups in syria is spilling across the border into affiliated. group has claimed responsibility for massive explosion
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in a ship dominated district of lebanon's compas so that killed at least four people. but even countries a long way from syria's borders could be vulnerable to the threat from terrorism reports how much that al qaida is training your pincher hardest in syria especially to set up terror cells back home more often ocean reports now from damascus. despite the international community separate now for its efforts to bring peace to syria and its people the brutal conflict now has a new face radical militants have long used children in their fight against a masochist but now more and more women both local and from the west have been dragged into jihad some are currently make the journey to marry fall into is who they appear ready to support no matter walks in the u.k. a blog even helps those who want to marry militants to travel to the country here
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in syria training camps have been set up by al qaida in areas held by and to government forces or aspiring female extremists is the most severe thing to see women join them and then encourage some to swap the traditional way of life for weapons and suicide belts traction it's clear women draw less attention from the police and security forces western officials are concerned about the rising number of their nationals looking to syria to take part in the war they're afraid that after being trained to kill these vans and women will return to their home towns. by one level defect it is sad that is that is precisely what militant groups are hoping to achieve because in two different sources there are up to two thousand european fighters here in syria who joined rebels groups many of which have ties to al qaida for the time being they remain here in syria learning how to make and defend a golems or how to use a kalashnikov all the time waiting for the moment when they're so norwich could be
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pulled into action with the geneva two talks set to kick off on wednesday there remain those who wants no part in a political solution and are resolved to stay away from the negotiations and side they how to expand the. original not see from damascus syria. and as the world's top diplomats head to switzerland we'll keep you updated on the diplomatic build up to one state's syrian peace conference on our stay with us. after two years of. the death toll of over one hundred. mostly in common sense come together with one. war does not do young. does beside by chance. relating the program
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ninety days after the death of his ideas are alive they socialist ideas which inspired the communist i can come back into functional signs to the walls economic woes. under reward for sending foreigners back home office stuff and person get gifts kicking out asylum seekers coming up after the break. i know. tanya laid it well tell me how you are my little grandson. i know you i don't like. being cut off. except as an ecovillage that the spiritual side is destructive.
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i try to convince her and try to preach that it was a sect but it's dangerous and she had to leave it was a story she had lost her mind. she will come back i know it was and i will wait but even if it means i must wait until my dying day. as a new physician i swear to abide by the hippocratic oath. to the best of my ability
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and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody. or advise of those to do so. i will never do harm to any. doctors of the dogs on our team. i know c.n.n. m s n b c fox news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth and might take. off. before it's because once all attention in the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on we're going to come up. at our teen
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years we have a different brain. the o.l. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not laughing. at. you guys that are the jokes that will handle them except that i got. there watching out same to national coming to life from moscow welcome back. today's the nine to find a verse or old the death of lady related the mind credited with changing the course of history for russia and the world his body is on public display in central moscow and just like the ideas he launched a revolution for i'm not exactly buried for russia seventy years of the soviet
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union has left los people in different towards a let in his legacy although he remains popular as a way to sell souvenirs and in world of art however the socialist ideas he fought for have gained some traction in the west we spoke to a danish newspaper editor for the tyndall he says it's because people have grown disillusioned with capitalism. after nine years of the crisis in the capitalist system with more and more people experiencing the consequences of the crisis these ideas they never really disappeared and now they're coming back people are naturally looking for alternatives and i think when you look at europe today the figures speak for themselves with one out of every four years at the risk of poverty and twenty five million unemployed europeans people are looking for alternatives as i search and even though the world is different than it was at the time of lenin it's not fundamentally changed so i think his ideas are still relevant and appealing to a lot of people today. on live view right now sweet dreams are not made of the
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dot com one of the lowest prescription drugs in the u.s. is reportedly turning people into killers instead of sending them to sleep for a blissful night's rest. and unorthodox danger to the pope as a form of atsic and god claims that as an underground that while of homosexuals launching against him. british government workers are being rewarded for saying you know in exchange for rejecting asylum applications home office staff receive gift vouchers and even extra holiday. has more. failed asylum seekers that have been told to leave britain can apply here to the u.k. as home office to have their cases reviewed it's a last ditch attempt to stay in the u.k. if they can prove that their lives back home are in danger but it's been revealed that home office employees are set targets they're supposed to be winning seventy
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percent of these cases that means that they're aiming to keep out seventy percent of the people that have really applied to stay in britain after their asylum cases have already been rejected if they can hit that target they're rewarded with holiday days cash bonuses and high street shopping vouchers these incentives don't have any place in these sorts of cases where people's life and limb can quite literally be at stake this being repeated instances of other pressures for management coming down to those making these thought two decisions in individual cases there was a toy gorilla that they called the grown monkey and that was placed on the desk of any official brave enough against that backdrop to make a decision to grant someone saw a limb on their application the home office says that no vouchers are issued purely for winning cases they say that all the. fact is that taken into consideration as
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well they refused to say just how many vouchers have been handed out to asylum and immigration staff but a parliamentary oncet reveals that since july twenty twelve eleven high street shopping vouchers have been awarded to staff in asylum cases for one off recognition of individual performance that caught boyko artsy london. and some other international news headlines and breve pakistan's military has launched several as trikes on suspected taliban strongholds on the border with afghanistan officials say at least twenty three militants were killed but according to local residents many of them will villagers the military says the airstrikes were in response to recent times about the times which left over thirty soldiers and civilians dead. and has declared a state of emergency following recent violence between protesters and supporters really. the security forces has been extended and they cannot arrest or search
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people with limited judicial appointment treat oversight soundings of people are continuing their mass rallies in bangkok in a bid to bring down the prime minister and do you re a county parliamentary polls. wide areas of indonesia are in the grip of massive floods as heavy rains continue to battle the country thousands of people have been evacuated to safety with rescue troops and cheering for others who might have been cut off from the disaster has claimed at least one to lives and officials say the rainfall will continue for the rest of the week. the audience salsa dance as it has a recount should a key town from rebels in the oil rich up a nile state government find his insist they're still in control of possibly city and they don't go in bottles another possibly country over a thousand people have been killed and turns of thousands. this place in violence
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that erupted last december after an attempt at. up next on seemed to national a glimpse into a siberian cult leader is guiding his phone down an extract and eccentric to spiritual salvation testing. another whistleblower is facing a lot of heat including a wave of death threats but what did she discover some sort of dark secret cia plans or some other plot for a new war of luxury no she exposed something far more dangerous and important to the zombies on their couches the university of north carolina athletes are mentally unfit for college and even high school mary willing come blew the whistle on the
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fact that between eight and ten percent of the school's football and basketball players read of a fourth grade level and many others are sub college level she also claims that these students were allowed into the university based on the screening process done by the university i.e. implying that the u. of n.c. knew exactly who they were letting into the university remember college football makes a lot of money i always had a feeling that something like this was going on i mean according to usa today many college athletes claim that during the season they put in more than double the amount of hours on sports that they are allowed that's fifty to sixty hours a week how can they possibly learn anything maybe it isn't so sad that the schools are and it is a reflection of economics what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hardcore fans but that's just my opinion.
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the future. is here so we hit the road to focus on new technology. on this show no party is complete without school shootings. and we learn about the next until through the evolution this has the potential to save lives. you know. we've got the future covered. in the heart of the impossible siberian tiger lissa group dedicated to following a man who calls himself the seri and every year on august eighteenth members of this community gather on a mountain that they say sacred to see that man who claims to be the modern christ .
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a week before going to siberia we visited the belgorod region to meet. a form of this area follower she's one of very few former members of the sect willing to talk about her experience their way of the.


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